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Age of Wulin

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Age of Wulin (CN) 'CBT' Registration Guide

by DuguQiubai on 2012-05-30 05:25:14



Game Title: 九阴真经 (CN) | Age of Wulin (EU) | Age of Wushu (NA) | Age of Kung Fu (SEA)
Game Developer: Snail Games (游戏蜗牛)
Game Publisher: Snail Games (游戏蜗牛), Shanda Games (盛大游戏)
Game Website: CN | EU | NA | SEA

Game Overview:

                        Age of Wulin (AoW) features no classes or levels system, but there are eight schools of martial arts, through which you can learn many unique skills. After you have enough skills and experience, you can become a Kung fu master or a school leader. A large amount of Masters can come together and form a school. The school however, can have multiple attitudes/alignments (good, neutral, chaotic) and can also determine what skills you can learn. Within a school, you have the opportunity to rise in rank and possibly even be the leader.        

                        The skills that you learn in school are far from being the best; instead you will have to explore and seek out more teachers that offer different skills to master. You could meet an old beggar or a mysterious praying monk in AoW. If you decide to donate some coins to him or maybe even just give him some food to eat, he may reward your kindness and teach you to walk up walls or break solid objects with your bare hands.

Age of Wulin (CN) 'Closed Beta' - 6th June

For those who want to experience the game, first you will need to register an account. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Fill in the required information:


3. Download client:


Q: when I tried to click the launcher button, this "file does not exist" error occurs.
A: Rename the Chinese folder to "Snail Games"and create a new desktop icon.

Q: is there a IP Block? 
A: No.

Q: I can't create a char and the name giver interface seems like a bunch of rubbish code.
A1: Change your system locale. For windows 7, Ctrl Panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Region and Language -> Administrative -> Change system locale... -> Chinese (Simplified, PRC). Need to restart computer. 

A2: Run the game with Applocale. (If you don't want to change your system locale)

Install > Open Applocale > Choose game launcher 'fxlaunch.exe' > Choose 'Chinese PRC'. 

You can create a shortcut and use that shortcut to run the game next time

Download Link:

Q:I'm connected on the game as well, creating my character, but whatever the name I try to give him, it doesn't work.
A: Use a chinese name with a valid surname. You can let the game generate one for you. 

Minimum requirement:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or equivalent
Memory: 1GB
Display Card: GeForce 6600 or equivalent
Display Memory: 128MB
Bandwidth: 1MB
Hard Disk: 10G

Recommended requirement:
CPU: Pentium Dual-Core E6 series or equivalent
Memory: 2GB
Display Card: GeForce 9600GT or equivalent
Display Memory: 512MB
Bandwidth: 2MB
Hard Disk: 10G 


To do list: (Priority from top to bottom)

1) Game introduction (Will include all game system / factions intro links here)

2) Game system 
-Battle system (Qing Gong, Air Battle, PVP etc) [DONE]
-Unique game features (Miracle encounter [DONE], offline system [DONE], kidnap [DONE], imprisoning [DONE], NPC affection etc)
-Life skills (4 categories + hunger system) Work in Progress
-Instance (Boss helper) Work in Progress

3) Schools introduction (Split into 8 threads?) 

The "Good"

Shao Lin 少林 - Monk (Male Only)
- Quaterstaff, Fist
- Crowd control, Tank

Wu Dang 武当 
- Sword, Twin Sword Expert
- AoE damage

E Mei 峨眉 (Female Only)
- Dagger, E Mei Piercers, Palm
- Strong Support

Gai Bang 丐帮 - Beggars Sect
- Quaterstaff, Palm

The "Chaotic" 

Ji Le Gu 极乐谷 - Blissful / Wanderer's Valley
- Palm, Twin Shortsword & Twin Blade
- Poison

Jin Yi Wei 锦衣卫 - Royal Guards
- Claw, Blade, Rope / Chain
- Control

The "Neutral" 

Tang Men 唐门
- Dagger & Hidden Weapons
- Poison, Kiting, PVP

Jun Zi Tang 君子堂 - Scholars
- Sword, Twin Sword, Kick

4) Game Mechanics 
- Qi Gong / Nei Gong
- Morality
- ???

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